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Our Expertise

Our solutions are based on our decade-long experience in the industry working with the best technology vendors. We design solutions based on our customers' needs to the highest industry and international standards and at the same time cost-effective. Our solutions are based on best engineering practices in the industry, meeting international quality and performance standards.

Satellite VSAT Hubs and Remote Modems

Aquilatel partners with the best-in-class hardware manufacturers and is a distributor of ST Engineering and Comtech EF Data's Hubs and remote stations.

Large Satellite Earth Stations for Teleports

Aquilatel is distributing a full line of large Earth Stations for teleports in both limited motion and complete motion design in any frequency, from L/S to C, X, Ku, DBS, and Ka, from 3.7-meter to 19-meter size dishes. In addition, A full set of accessories are available to complete each antenna system starting from Foundation kits and anchors to De-Icing system, Dehydrator system, Lightning system and obstruction lights, Environmental Center-Hub, working platform, and more. Transportable Earth Stations 3.7-meter and 4.5-meter based on Trailer Mounted set-up for Nomadic and transportable needs

Multi-Frequency Power Amplifiers and LNB

Aquilatel is Distributing Amplifiers for Ku, C, and Ka-band, that serve the needs of remote terminals, transportable Fly-Aways, and Large Teleports. Starting from as small as 3Watt, 5Watt up to 200 Watt BUC for Ku-band and Starting from 5 Watt, 10Watt and more than 200Watt for C band from our extensive portfolio of manufacturers. In addition, Aquilatel also carries a TWTA, and SSPA with different variants and Specs for Small/Medium and Large Earth Stations.

Flyaway Systems and Driveaway Antennas

C-Com is the Designers and Manufacturers of iNetVu® Mobile Antennas, the World's Most Popular One-button, Motorized, Auto-acquire VSAT System for Reliable Broadband Internet via Satellite. Driveaway, Flyaway, and FMAs, available in Ka-band, Ku-band, C-band & X-band, ranging in size from 75cm to 2.4m, are designed to perform in the harshest of environments for your Company's critical communication requirements.

VSAT Remote Antennas

Aquilatel also provides VSAT remote antennas, a Skyware and GD Satcom antennas distributor. There is a wide range of sizes and brands in the portfolio, from 1.2, 1.8, 2.4, and 3.8-meter antennas for Ka, Ku, and C band types.

Maritime VSAT Antennas and Solutions

Aquilatel distributes KNS and Intellian maritime antennas. There is a wide range of sizes in the portfolio and bands from 0.6-meter, 0.8-meter, 1-meter, to 2.4-meter antennas for Ka, Ku, and C band types.

System Design and Integration

Aquilatel provides an experienced team of engineers to work with our customers to develop a clear understanding of the business objectives of their planned networks. Once the business requirements of the network are known, the best system architecture can be defined, and the proper system design can be performed. Aquilatel's industry-leading team of engineers has a wide range of experience that is brought to bear, tailoring the creation of the system not just to meet the specifications but to make your network be a critical part of your company's competitive success.

Technical and Field Services

Aquilatel has a multi-talented team with vast experience in satellite/RF communication engineering who can effectively perform project planning and execution. We provide installation & commissioning services from tiny remote antennas to large earth station antennas to all vertical markets in satellite communications. Be at land or Sea Aquilatel's team can install and commission the VSAT antenna from various manufacturers.


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