TTI Series Dual GaN Ka BUC 40W

The Dual GaN Ka BUC from TTI is a GaN-Based BUC/SSPA that converts an input frequency from 1-2 GHz to an output frequency from 29-31 GHz. It delivers an output power of up to 40 W (46 dBm) with a gain of over 70 dB. This BUC has a built-in linearizer, output isolator & switchable local oscillator and provides the capability to adapt BUC configuration to the required output power, optimizing the consumption while keeping the same electrical specifications. It has a phase noise of -93 dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz offset and spurious levels off better than -60 dBc.

The BUC can be controlled via RS-485, Ethernet, and USB interfaces. It is available in a weatherproof module that measures 340 x 210 x 170 mm with an N-type (female) input connector and WR28 output interface. It requires an AC supply of 90-264 V and consumes 350 W of power.

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    High Efficiency and Reliability

    Based on GaN technology is intended for outdoor operation. Highest performance in compact packaging. Built-in linearizer, output isolator, and switchable local oscillator. Signal up-conversion from a Modem’s L band output into Ka-band frequency. Electronically switchable between 29-30 GHz and 30-31 GHz.

    Optimized Consumption

    In addition to the superior efficiency achieved at maximum load, it provides the capability to adapt the BUC configuration to the required output
    power, optimizing the consumption while keeping the same electrical specifications, particularly linearity. 

    Monitoring and Control

    Full M&C capability is provided via RS-485 (ASCIIcommands), Ethernet (Telnet, HTTP with embedded web page), and USB. SNMP optional. Discrete lines for mute and turn on/off functionalities and summary alarm (Form C relay and discrete) are used for a quick operation. 

    Key Features

    • Electronically switchable: 29-30 GHz / 30-31 GHz
    • High linear power
    • High MTBF
    • Compact size
    • Redundant configurations (1:1, 2:1, N:1)
    • Weatherproof


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