Norsat Ka-Band 5 Band PLL 9000H5

The Norsat 9000HX-O3B-BN Series Ka-Band Low Noise Block Converter is compatible with all O3B Networks Satellite antennas including prime focus and offset reflector models. The 9000HX O3B Ka-Band LNB operates over O3B-B Band frequencies from 18.372 to 19.300.

The Norsat 9000HX-O3B-BN LNB is approved for use on O3B satellite networks and offers a highly stable local oscillator that delivers ±1.5 ppm in PLL. L-Band RF output frequency is 972 to 1900 MHz .L-Band RF output connector is a 50-ohm type-N female. Ka-Band RF frequency input is accomplished with a precision grooved WR42 waveguide flange.

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