Norsat ELEMENT Series Ka-Band BUC ELMTBKA012 (12W)

Norsat Satellite Communication solutions are renowned for their high quality, reliability, and innovation. The Ka ELEMENT series offers a small size and weight with a variety of frequency options that make it ideal for VSAT applications.

The ELMTBKA012-CN from Norsat International is a Ka-Band Block Upconverter for VSAT applications. This BUC upconverts an input frequency from 1150 to 2150 MHz to an output frequency from 29 to 30 GHz. It provides an output power of 12 watts with a noise power density of -70 dBm/Hz in Tx and -157 dBm/Hz in Rx. The BUC operates over a DC voltage of 36 to 72 V and consumes up to 110 watts of power at P1dB. It has a phase noise of -93 dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz offset. This device is available in a module that measures 169 x 108 x 78 mm with an N-type connector at the input and a WR-28 interface at the output.

The first Ka-band BUC in the ELEMENT Series, the ELEMENT 12W Ka BUC is a lightweight, power-efficient radio-frequency block upconverter. Suitable for various applications (fixed, COTM, COTP), it can transmit in either the commercial (29.9 – 30.0 GHz) or military (30.0 – 31.0 GHz) Ka-band frequency band. It features 12W of output (41 dBm Psat) while consuming low power due to GaN technology, with a monitoring and control interface available to monitor the status and control muting of the BUC. Optionally available is a power supply, along with supporting M&C cable and adapters.

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