Norsat C-Band PLL LNB 3200-BPF

Norsat 3200-BPF C-Band PLL LNB features a special broad built-in passband filter that combats 5G interference while delivering extremely low insertion loss and ultra-high stopband rejection. This enables the 3000 series 3200-BPF LNB to reject high-powered 5G Omni-directional signals altogether and prevent service disruptions while maintaining critical content delivery network integrity by removing unwanted spurious intermodulation products. Ideal for teleport operators, broadcasters, remote transmitter sites, and video distribution networks.

The industry has a concern that 5 G's' high-powered Omni-directional signals would overpower existing C-band signals, disrupting broadcast content delivery. In addition, 5G in‐band transmissions received by the Earth stations could drive regular LNBs into saturation or produce unwanted intermodulation products that degrade the satellite's desired signal. Therefore, earth stations may be fitted with 5G Interference mitigating C-band LNBs with internal filters to prevent service disruption. Norsat's' advanced C-band 5G Interference LNB is the perfect solution for broadcasters, media houses, TV distributors and other C-band users.

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    Key Features
    • Rejects terrestrial interference in C-band (5G, Radar and C-Band transmitter)
    • In the same housing as Norsat 3000 LNBs
    • Mitigates interference signals less than -25 dBm with no degradation
    • Can be used with Norsat’s BPF-C for an additional 5G rejection


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