New Japan Radio NJRC Universal Ku-Band 2LO PLL LNB (Switchable Local) - Internal Reference (±50ppm) Model No. NJR2841L, NJR2842L, & NJR2843L series

The NJRC NJR2841L Universal Ku-Band 2 L.O. PLL LNB provide full coverage of the Ku Band by utilizing two local oscillators and a mechanical switch to switch between them. The NJRC NJR2841L Universal Ku-Band 2 L.O. PLL LNB provides an input frequency range of 10.7-12.75GHz with +/-100kHz of local oscillator stability.

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    Key Features

    * Switchable Local
    ・Local Frequency: 9.75 / 10.6 GHz

    * Full Ku-band Coverage

    ・ RF Frequency: 10.70 – 12.75 GHz
         (Low Band) 10.70 – 11.70 GHz
         (High Band) 11.70 – 12.75 GHz

    * Local Switching Line-up
       Local Frequency Selected by
        ・ Mechanical Switch: NJR2841 series
        ・ 22kHz Tone On/Off: NJR2842 series
        ・ Input Voltage (High/Low): NJR2843 series

    * Small Size & Light Weight
        ・ Weight: 240 g (N-type Connector Model)
        ・ Weight: 210 g (F-type Connector Model)

    * RoHS Compliance


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