New Japan Radio NJRC NJT5218 series (Universal Ku-band 8W BUC)

The NJRC NJT5218 series BUC is a compact outdoor block upconverter that provides up to +39 dBM (8 Watts) of Linear RF output power for use on Ku-band satellite networks (13.75 to 14.5 GHz)… This compact 8W Ku-Band BUC offers easy installation and setup. The NJT5218 also includes provisions for a separate AC power supply that accepts input voltages from 90V to 240 VAC.

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    Key Features

    * Full Ku-band Coverage

    ・RF Frequency: 13.75 to 14.50 GHz

    * High Efficiency & Low Distortion
    ・P1dB: +39 dBm min. over temperature
    ・IM3: -28 dBc @ Pout = +36 dBm
    ・Power Consumption: 79 W

    *   Wide Operating Range  of DC Power Operation
    ・Voltage Range: +18 to +60 VDC

    * Compact Size & Light Weight
    ・Weight: 3.2kg

    * LED Indicator
    * RoHS Compliance


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