New Japan Radio NJRC Ku-Band PLL LNB - Internal Reference (L.O. Stability: ±10 ppm) - Model No. NJR2835H/36H/37H/39H series

The NJRC NJR2835H/36H/37H/39H series Ku Band PLL LNB is designed with several input frequency ranges for the different models. It utilizes an internal local oscillator with phase lock loop technology to provide stability of 100kHz. The Ku Band PLL LNB is fitted with an F-type 75-ohm input connector.

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    Key Features

    * Low Noise Temperature
    ・Noise Figure: 0.8 dB
    * Low DC Current Drain
    ・DC Current Drain: 250 mA

    * Small Size & Light Weight
    ・Weight: 260 g 
    * RoHS Compliance


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