New Japan Radio NJRC C-Band PLL LNB Internal Reference (L.O. Stability: ±1 ppm)Model No. NJS8486U, NJS8487U, & NJS8488U series

The NJRC NJS8487U C Band LNB 3.625-4.2GHz is designed with an input frequency range of 3.625-4.2GHz and utilises phase lock loop (PLL) technology to provide a local oscillator stability of +/- 5 kHz. The NJRC NJS8487U C Band LNB is fitted with a F Type 75 ohm input connector.

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    Key Features

    * Low Noise Temperature
    ・Noise Temperature: 15 K

    * Low DC Current Drain
    ・DC Current Drain: 350 mA

    * Small Size & Light Weight
    ・Weight: 800 g 

    * RoHS Compliance


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