Skyware Global Type 123 - 1.2 Meter Rx/Tx Class II Antenna System

The Skyware Global Type 123 - 1.2 Meter Rx/Tx Class II Antenna System is a rugged commercial grade product suitable for demanding applications. The reflector is thermoset-molded for strength and surface accuracy. Molded into the rear of the reflector is a network of support ribs that strengthens the antenna and helps sustain its critical parabolic shape, which ensures outstanding RF performance for transmitting and receiving applications such as iDirect internet service and remote satellite broadband applications.

The Type 123 Az/EI mount is constructed from heavy-gauge steel to provide rigid support to the reflector. The Az/EI mount secures the antenna to either a 60 mm (2.38") or 73-76 mm (2.88"-3.00") 0.D. mast and prevents slippage in high winds. A specially formulated powder paint process offers excellent protection from weather-related corrosion.

Global Skyware designs and manufactures the antenna solutions that enable the world's leading communications equipment companies to deliver data via satellite. They offer solutions for Very Small Aperture Terminal (Data over Satellite (DOS)/VSAT), Satellite Broadband or direct-to-home TV connectivity.

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    Key Features

    • All materials comply with EU directive No. 2011/65/EC (RoHS).
    • Long focal length optics for low cross-pol performance.
    • Fine azimuth and elevation adjustments.
    • Available with Ku-band co-pol or cross-pol feeds.
    • Galvanized 19 mm (.75”) O.D. side-feed support legs and 51 mm (2”) O.D. lower feed support.
    • Plated hardware for maximum corrosion resistance.
    • Class II system designed for typical 2 W and 4 W Ku-band Block Up-Converters (BUCs).*

    *3.6 kg or 8 lb max. weight for RF electronics (BUC and LNB)


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