Amplus Communication Series AM-9338 Ku-Band BUC (40W, 50W GaAs)

The AM-9338 Series Ku-Band BUC is a high-performance transmitter designed for use in SCPC, DAMA, and TDMA VSAT satellite earth stations. Its high linearity and superior phase noise performance make it ideal for wide area telephony, video conferencing and data communications systems with different modulation formats including BPSK, QPSK, QAM, etc.

The BUC also includes a temperature alarm and power supply shutdown to protect the amplifiers from permanent damage when the temperature exceeds 80C for outdoor operation.

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    Key Features & Benefits

    • Integrated BUC for Better Performance & Reliability
    Impressive Gain & Gain Flatness
    High-Frequency Stability
    Monitoring & Controlling through RS232/485, TCP/IP & FSK
    Tricolour LED Status Indicator to Identify BUC Status Instantly
    • Water-Proof, IP65 Standard
    • Built-in Receive Reject Filter (RRF)
    • Built-in Waveguide Output Isolator
    • Output Sample Monitoring Port
    • Field Removable Fans for Easy Maintenance

    Optional Features & Accessories 

    • Built-In 10 MHz Reference with Automatic 10 MHz External Reference Input Detector
    • Handheld Terminal for M&C
    • TCP/IP M&C Interface
    • FSK M&C Interface
    48 VDC Operable


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